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Flood damage cleanup can be overwhelming.  When you have been affected by a flood, there is so much to do.  The first thing that should be on your mind is getting out of the situation. You don’t want to stand in the standing water, your safety is number one. Be sure that you get out and take your pets too.  The water can be very dangerous, even if it is clean water.  It can carry electricity and can cause electrocution.  The steps you should take in the event of a flood are:

  • Get out of the water.  Don’t stand in it.
  • Shut off the water that is causing the flood if possible.
  • Call a professional right away.
  • Use common sense.

Once you are safe, you need to call the professionals to get the water out as soon as possible.  The longer the water stands, the worse the outcome.  Mold and mildew will soon set in.  The walls and floors will begin to rot and succumb to the water.  The water will break through the walls and start to enter other parts of the home, causing more flood damage.  Flood damage clean up is not the same for each location. It will depend on your flooring and walls, which caused the flood, and where it is located.

Cleaning Up After A Flood

Once we arrive, we can go over the steps that are needed to get your home back to how it once was. Flood water can be overwhelming to a homeowner.  However,  as professionals, we deal with floods all the time.  We will come up with a plan that will be easy to execute quickly.

It isn’t just about getting the water out of the flooring but out of the walls as well as the air.  Water evaporates into the air, causing high humidity in the flood area.  This can cause damage to things such as the insulation and ceiling.  So, powerful commercial dehumidifiers are used to ensure that the water isn’t just taken out of the flooring but out of the air too.  Industrial vacuum machines are used to suck up the water from the carpets and floors as well as furniture if it is salvageable.

Get Your Flood Damage Cleaned Up Quickly

Flood damage clean up is important to get done right away.  The longer you wait, the more damage will be done.  This increased damage can really add up expense wise.  As soon as you see water, you should call for flood damage clean up right away.  Don’t wait and have the water creep into more locations of the home, as this will cause further damage and expense.

Most flood damage cleans up is typically covered by insurance.  It is an accident of some sort, maybe a broken pipe or a sub-pump quit working without notice. Whatever the reason for the flood, that should be taken care of, to prevent it from happening again.

Flood damage clean-ups will typically take a few days and isn’t always the same for each job.  Each flood will need its own personalized assessment of what steps should be taken to prevent further damage.  Water can be pumped out with pumps, should that be necessary, before the wet vacuuming begins.

If you find yourself with a flooded basement or bathroom, don’t wait, call on the professionals right away.  Shut off the water source that is causing the flood, if possible, and get out, don’t stand in standing water.

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