Top Things To Do In Denver This Winter

Whether you are checking off your bucket list items or planning to create a memorable adventure this winter, Denver is one of the best places to fulfill your dreams. In fact, you don’t have to travel far in Denver for some of the best attractions in the region; the metro area is full of great adventures. The best thing about visiting Denver is you don’t have to commit a whole day to experience unforgettable sights and sounds in the city.

If you want to enjoy Colorado’s beauty, winter is the best time to do it. Winter has fewer crowds in the city, whether there is snow on the ground or not. You will find an exceptional backdrop in Denver to enjoy some of the most attractive landmarks around the Mile High City in the winter season. It is also small business friendly. The frosty mornings or snowy afternoons will convert the surrounding foothills, parks, and mountains in Denver into a wonderland opportunity. Remember that most people will be staying indoors when it’s snowing outside. Hence, you can take advantage of this fact to enjoy the scenarios in Denver during the winter months. Experiencing the myriad of activities in Denver, Colorado, will make you appreciate this great state.

Head To The Clear Creek River Walk, 13th & Ford In Golden

Golden is a great community nestled between the South Table Mountain and the foothills. The former gold rush town presents some of the best shops, craft breweries, and cozy restaurants for you to enjoy in winter. Don’t forget to check out one of the best urban trail systems while you are in Golden. Clear Creek River Walk Trail ( is a great attraction in the City of Golden. The trail parallels Clear Creek and lets the traveler enjoy a refreshing stroll through the city. It is the perfect site to exercise your pet with tremendous views and easy access to shops & restaurants along the way. The venue gets a triple word score for picnicking, tubing, and relaxation during the summer months. You can relax here and watch the world go by during such times. 

Go Ice Skating At Evergreen Lake, 29612 Upper Bear Creek Rd. In Evergreen

The Evergreen Lake is situated in Evergreen & surrounded by Denver Mountain Parks and towering mountain peaks. It is a paradise for ice skaters. The breathtaking 8.5-acre lake has 11 hockey rinks and a large public skating area – which is maintained on a daily basis by a Zamboni. You can bring your own skates or rent them at the Evergreen Lake House. The Lake House is a beautiful lodge located on the shores of Evergreen Lake.

See The Flatirons/Chautauqua Park, Baseline, And 9th St. In Boulder.

The Flatiron’s formations in Boulder are a symbol of the city, just like the Red Rocks of Denver. It resembles the flat part of iron and consists of five majestic outcroppings, and is a popular climbing venue that serves as the backdrop for numerous hiking trails in the city. The Flatirons is a part of the Boulder Mountain Park System and is known for its Mesa Trail – which extends to the south to Eldorado Springs. 

Walk The Steps At Red Rocks Amphitheater, 18300 W. Alameda Pkwy. In Morrison

No visit to Denver will be complete without seeing this iconic venue. The Red Rocks are situated amidst the red sandstone formations in Denver’s foothills. The Red Rocks are sprinkled with frost and snow during the winter season. It’s an artist’s masterpiece that will surely captivate your senses.

The natural amphitheater is at the core of the Denver Mountain Park and hosts some of the best bands and musicians from across the world.