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Water damage restoration in Highlands Ranch is important to homeowners and building owners.  If you have water entering your building by some fashion, that water can quickly become a problem.  Water can enter through the smallest of holes without notice, this can even go on for years.  However, once you find yourself with a leaking ceiling and puddles on the floor you know, there is surely a problem.  Water damage repair Highlands Ranch are here to help.

We work with our clients to ensure that the source of the water is cut off. This could mean that you will need a patch in your roof or perhaps have a broken pipe.  Sometimes where the water pools is not where the source is.  Water travels upon the path of least resistance.  So, the source could be somewhere else entirely.

Finding The Source Of The Water Leak

We are trained to track down this source and restore your building as it once was.  We have various ways to get the water out from:

  • Industrial fans
  • Commercial water sucking machines
  • Sub pumps
  • Commercial dehumidifiers
  • Towels
  • Wet Vacs
  • more.

If you have standing water damage, it is important to get that out immediately.  This can be done with a variety of means.  However, the longer it sits the more damage it will do.  Water rots wood, rusts steel, and is horrible on drywall.  Once the water appears to be gone, you will need commercial dehumidifiers to ensure that the last of it is truly gone.  This ensures that you won’t have secondary problems such a bacteria and mold growth.  Whenever you have water standing or leaking into your home, the chances of getting bacteria and mold are very high.  This is why it is important that you have a professional water damage Highlands Ranch services come to your home and do the job for you.  

We are experts at finding the problem and coming up with the solution.  We take the time to track down even the hardest to find water inlets and get them stopped before more damage can be done.  Our professional water damage restoration Highlands Ranch services are customized to each and every job.

Approaching Each Water Damage Situation Individually

Every situation is unique and we understand that.  This is why we approach each and every job with a unique approach.  We take the time to analyze what is going on and put a stop to it.  

Do you have water pooling in your basement and can’t figure out the cause.  Maybe there is a dripping noise coming from the attic. Fire damage can cause a massive amount of water damage due to the fire hoses used to put out the fire.  Whatever the reason, give us a call, we are happy to take a look and go through your home thoroughly and effectively.  

Once we have found the issue, we will be happy to not only explain it to you but show you as well.  We care about our clients and their homes.  

Before you hire a water damage restoration professional, take your time to look at the reputation online.  Many companies have online profiles all over that will have your peer reviews.  Also, take a minute to ask your friends and family if they have heard of the company you are about to hire.

Determining What Caused The Water Damage In Your Highlands Ranch CO Home

Many times a restoration company is paid by homeowner’s insurance.  However, this isn’t always the case.  We will determine what the cause of the water is and help you determine if you need to contact them. In cases where there is storm damage to the roof, for example, is a case where the insurance will most likely cover.  However, if the roof is leaking due to old age, then that may be the responsibility of the homeowner.  We are happy to take a look and help you decide what the issue actually is.

Water damage to bathroom floors is another common area that we see often, as well as sewage backups. Bathrooms are wet and moist most of the time. This causes water to get under flooring and seep into the subfloor.  This can really cause a bad mildew smell.  If you have a mildew smell in your bathroom and can’t quite put your finger on it, it may be the sub-floor.  This is an easy fix, most of the time, we would just take the floor out and replace it with new.  However, we want to ensure that the walls and other parts of the structure were not compromised at the same time.

Professional Highlands Ranch Water Damage Restoration

Our team of experts is ready to help you get your home back to the way it once was.  We offer water damage restoration Highlands Ranch.   We take the time to go over everything with you. 

You never thought you’d need a water restoration company, but here you are.  We get it!  Water restoration Highlands Ranch is not a service you thought you’d ever need.  However, here we are.  We act fast and are very thorough at getting the water out of your home.  We do water restoration Highlands Ranch for a living.  This is what we do, day in and day out, meaning we are experts in our field. If you woke up to a flood in your living room, don’t delay, call the experts today.  

Flood Damage Clean Up Services

Floods are not something we expect or plan.  However, when they happen, it can be devastating.  We are here to help.  The faster we act, the less damage there will be in the end.  We have powerful sucking machines that can suck the water out of the carpets and fabrics.  We take our industrial dehumidifiers to dry out the air and to get the remaining water out of the area.  There will be fans going to move the air and help the water to evaporate into it.  This is all a process.  Remember, sometimes things look worse before they get better.  

Water can also accumulate over time.  This happens in basements and attics without warning.  When you discover these pools you need to take action immediately.  However, in this case, there is usually more damage than just some simple water clean up.  Typically we need to find the source of the water issue as well as clear out any building materials that have absorbed the water.


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