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Water damage Westminster is there for you when you need it.  We don’t plan for water damage.  In fact, most of us fear a flood.  Floods are devastating and can really do a lot of damage to a home or building.  However, if it is cleared up quickly the damage can be minimized. That’s where we come in.  We work with homeowners to get your damage cleared right away.  We take our time to completely understand what happened to cause the flood, find the issue, and come up with a solution.  Floods don’t just occur for no reason, so taking this time is important to understand what happened so it doesn’t happen again.  Busted pipes, leaking roof or storm damage can all cause water damage. 

Water damage restoration Westminster is there when you need it.  Most don’t think they will ever have to call a water damage restoration Westminster company, but here you are.  Not a problem.  We have a team of experts that have the trucks ready for your call day or night.  We work around the clock to get the water under control.  Our water damage restoration experts will use a series of devices to ensure that the water is out of both the carpet and air.  These devices are:

  • Commercial grade sucking machines
  • Wet Vacs
  • Industrial Fans
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Sub pumps
  • more.

Restoration From Water Damage

Let us get all the water out of the carpet, walls, and air today.   We take our time to set up industrial dehumidifiers that start taking the water out of the air while we do the rest.  We have powerful machines that will suck the carpets dry to the touch.  However, they are not completely dry at this point.  There will be some moisture trapped in the very fibers. That’s why there are fans and dehumidifiers for water damage repair running to ensure that everything is dry as a bone.

We work with homes of all types and of many different building materials.  Many times where there is a flood there is drywall.  Drywall doesn’t endure water well.  However, we can assess the situation and see what we can and can’t salvage.  We work with homeowners to ensure they have the very best flood damage Westminster possible.  We have seen a lot of different types of floods and circumstances over the years.

Water Damage Westminster CO

All of our staff are fully trained and understand how to execute when need be.  We are fast and efficient because we take the time to fully train everyone. We are experienced in all types of fire and smoke restoration procedures.  We understand that this issue needs a fast response to slow the damage.  It is important that we assess the situation and come up with a game plan that only makes sense.  Each situation is a bit different than the rest, so we take cases on individual bases.  Our personalized services help stop the damage and keep mold and mildew from entering the home.  We not only dry out the carpets, but we dry everything out, including the air.  

We may leave the home for a few hours to a few days and let the fans and dehumidifiers do their jobs.  However, we will act fast and go furiously to get the standing water out.  After that, it may take time to get the remaining water out of the air.  OF course, we will keep our client posted on everything that we do.  We want everyone to be on board and understand what it is that we are doing and why.  Sometimes water can take over the entire home, especially in a basement flood.

Water Damage Repair Westminster

When the basement is flooded, the water rises into the air.  This can cause a high level of humidity. This humidity can rise in the home and affect the floorboard of the first level. This can lead to mold growth. This is why it is really important that you can someone right away as soon as you see the first sign of water.  Water can be tricky and can slowly get into the cracks and down the walls.  It travels the path of least resistance.  This means that you might have a hole on the far left corner of the roof, but the puddle is in the far right corner.  This could be due to the settling of the home.  

Finding that water source can be a bit tricky at times. Sewage backups can be even worse. However, we will be certain to track it down and do something about it.  While our team is cleaning up the damage, we can have another team member looking for the reason as to why there is water in the first place.  

Storm Damage Westminster

Did your home not weather a storm well?  Is there a gaping hole in the roof?  This can also be the reason for water damage.  Water damage due to a storm and failed roof might even be covered on homeowners’ insurance.  You should check with your policyholder as soon as you know you have endured some damage to your home.  Most policies will cover storm damage, which means that it will be cleaned up at little or no cost to you.  Take the time to understand what is covered and no covered so that you understand what it is you are responsible for.  

Flood Damage Cleanup

We help homeowners recover from flood situations.  We take the time to fully understand what actually happened so that we can prevent it from happening again.  Our fully customizable services can come out and remove your damaged carpet, flooring, and other materials.  We can fully replace things that have too much damage to fix or repair.  We try our best to save as much as we can.  However, drywall, for example, is never the same once it has been soaked in water.  

If you are not a professional, do not stand in flood water that is in your home.  This could take your life.  With electricity still on in the home and the water combined could cause electrocution.  Also, if the Westminster CO water isn’t clean water but sewer you will want to leave the area.  Not only does it smell but it can be very bad for your health.  While you are doing all this for yourself, be sure that you don’t forget your pets inside.


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